Classical Japanese music, just for you!

Japanese music has a long tradition, dating back to the households of the Emperor and his nobles. Our guests often choose to experience that tradition in the comfort of a private pre-dinner performance at their accommodation.

Two women playing koto harps and singing
Koto duet performing “Sakura, sakura”, a famous song about cherry blossom

Players perform several pieces on the shakuhachi (bamboo flute), shamisen (three-stringed instrument similar to a banjo), and koto (long, horizontal harp). They explain each piece and their instruments.

A man plays the shakuhachi
Playing the shakuhachi flute

After the performance is finished, guests have the opportunity to try out the instruments and talk more with the performers. Sometimes they even sing a traditional song from their country, too! Music really does help to cross international borders.

Guests laugh with their teachers as they try to play the koto harp
Performers and audience share a musical moment after the concert

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