Make your own sushi lunch!

You have probably eaten sushi before, perhaps many times; but have you ever made it? Our recent guests visited a master sushi chef in his restaurant to discover the basics of the art.

Guest laughing as she makes sushi
Women are not usually considered suitable sushi chefs as their hands are thought to be too warm. Luckily, our sushi making experience is open to everyone!

Professional sushi chefs train for years, but luckily it doesn’t take that long to learn how to make your own lunch! After the guests had carefully patted the balls of vinegared rice into shape, places slices of fish on top, and secured them with strips of seaweed, they sat down to enjoy their handiwork.

Guest holding up tray of sushi, flanked by two sushi chefs
The completed masterpiece!

Since Itoigawa has a thriving fishing industry, most of the fish used for sushi are caught that very morning and come from the local fish market, so this may well turn out to be the freshest sushi you have ever eaten!

Pieces of sushi on a wooden board

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