Coming soon: Snow Country winter experience tour!

Here at Kotobuki, we are always thinking about new experiences that we can offer to our guests. At the moment, guests visit us from spring to autumn, but that leaves Itoigawa’s most famous season: winter! Located in the heart of the Snow Country, on the Japan Sea coast, Itoigawa is guaranteed to have plenty of snow. This will allow guests to experience various unique activities, including walking in the snowy landscape with snowshoes, building a snow cave under the guidance of an expert, seeing the architectural style developed to keep off the snow, viewing a beautiful formal garden in the snow, and visiting Niigata Prefecture’s oldest sake brewery at the height of the brewing season. Of course, they will also be able to relax in a natural hot spring after their time in the snow, and they will enjoy Itoigawa’s delicious seafood, which is at its best in this season. We can also offer various other options to allow them to make the most of their experience, including traditional music, Shiatsu massage, and skiing!


Winter scene of Mt Amakazari
Come and walk in this snow!

We are really excited about developing this new offer, and recently we visited Mizuno-san, our Snow Country expert, to talk about the possibilities. Mizuno-san is originally from Kyoto, but moved to Itoigawa 15 years ago. He has long experience working in forestry, and so he knows the woods very well in all seasons. As well as leading snowshoe expeditions and constructing snow caves, he can tell guests all about the local nature. As if this wasn’t enough, he is also an accomplished potter, and has built his own wood-fired kiln. So he can also offer pottery experiences to guests who are interested in Japanese crafts. We are very much looking forward to working with him, and to welcoming our first guests to the Snow Country!

Kettle hanging over a hearth with pots in the background
Some of Mizuno-san’s pottery displayed in his home

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