Dressing in kimono

Many of our visitors opt to dress in kimono and take a walk in a beautiful formal Japanese garden nearby. After choosing a kimono and a sash, the friendly staff will help dress you in them, and give you advice on hairstyles. Pink and red are apparently the most popular colours among foreign visitors, while Japanese people tend to prefer more formal shades such as black; but there are a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from.

How do we look?!
How do we look?!

Opportunities to try wearing a kimono are of course available in various cities, such as Kyoto. However, what makes this experience different is that it is not just a tourist attraction. The kimono shop serves the local community, with most of its customers coming there on formal occasions such as weddings, graduation, or Coming of Age Day. They also make kimono to order, so the staff are experts and can answer any questions you may have.

Kimono bijin (beautiful ladies)!
Kimono bijin (beautiful ladies)!

Once the staff have finished tying the elaborate sash, it’s time to go for a walk!

Walking round Tanimura-En
Walking round the Japanese garden

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